Planning a Trip to Paris

Trip to Paris

When planning a trip to Paris you need to know what steps to take to enjoy your vacation. One of the first things you have to do is to plan your time and activities so that you know what you are doing everyday.

Pick your ideal hotel


You might want to pick out your hotel so when you get there you will be able to go right to your room after a long trip, since everyone will likely feel tried. Choose your hotel to fit your needs and decide where you want to visit in Paris. For instance, if you want to visit the museums, you may want to consider the Eiffel Towel.

Perhaps you would prefer a hotel on Paris’s beautiful riverbanks. Paris has some hotels outside of town, which includes the Hôtel Des Deux-Iles. The hotel is a three star establishment and is just 1km from the city centre. The hotel has a fabulous restaurant as well with an excellent breakfast. The hotel has a good rating and has lots of charm and the staff members are extremely friendly.

citizenM Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport Hotel is really close to the airport and has excellent reviews. The staff at the front desk are helpful and friendly, which makes this hotel one of the nicest establishments in Paris. The hotel is an ideal location to reach Disneyland Paris. It boasts 31 restaurants all within 1km with some excellent French cuisine for you to try.


If you want to visit a particular restaurant in Paris, such as the Angelina, which is one of Paris’s tea restaurants, then you want to choose a hotel near this area to save time. Angelina serves refined pastries and hot chocolate amongst other tasty treats. If you are intending to sightsee in Paris, then this restaurant is great, since you can eat light.

On the other hand, you may be ready for a nice dinner. You may want to visit the Abacus in Siem Reap. The French food is tasty according to people who have visited; as well, the restaurant offers you a nice sitting place to enjoy a meal. It’s rated as the best ‘French’ meal anywhere!

Nightlife Activities in Paris

Once you finish dinner, you may want to consider nightlife. Paris has a nice selection of nightspots, including the wonderful and most famous, The Moulin Rouge – it is known for being the place to go if you’re looking to see a cabaret performance in Paris. The Moulin Rouge is the birthplace of the Can Can dance and is known for being a risqué and rousing cabaret theater experience. You can also enjoy dinner and drinks during your visit.

Perhaps you may want to visit the Cité de La Musique (City of Music). If you enjoy music you will be blown away by this establishment. The museum has a collection of 7,000 musical instruments and thousands of related music and art objects. There is a spectacular rooftop viewpoint where you can catch spectacular views of Paris (closed during the winter months)

An alternative way to see the delights of Paris
One of the nice areas to visit in Paris is the great Seine River, on a dinner cruise. On the cruise, you will see the city’s most iconic landmarks illuminated at night, as you sip on a glass of champagne. A dinner cruise on the Seine is an absolute must for your stay in Paris!

When you first board the ship, the host greets you and upon arrival, you are treated with the utmost courtesy. At the front of the ship is a fabulous table, which the host will seat you and your family. At the table, you will enjoy a tasty meal. The whole time that you are on board there will be musical programs like a violinist and singer, this will be held under a glass roof so you can enjoy your dinner and dance in the moonlight as the ship floats down the river.

There are many cruises to choose from to suit your taste and budget, starting at just $60USD/person. Depending on the cruise you choose, you can expect a delicious 3 course dinner and spectacular views of the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre and Place de la Concorde for example. They offer multiple departure time in order for you to choose a time that suits your itinerary.


Packing and preparing to travel

Make sure things are going to be taken care of while you are away from home. Did you put your mail on hold at your local post office until you return, or did you take a copy of your numbers off your travel check in case you lose them? Don’t forget to give another set of keys to someone that you can trust so that if needed, they can get in for you. In addition, take a list of important numbers with you in case you need to phone home.

You want to pack your clothes for starters. Since you are going to visit one of the most beautiful countries in the world, pack your camera and film. Something safe that you can store your money in so you do not lose it while you are out sightseeing or just having fun. Maybe you would want to take your AAA cards, you may need them. Don’t forget your ATM card this may come in handy. Credit cards should be stored in a safe place as well as your ID or passport.

How do I know if Paris is right for me?

Paris is one of the most outstanding countries in the world. Paris allows you to enjoy many adventures, such as birthdays and anniversaries. You have many options for travel, sightseeing, feasting, and more. Paris is one of the most liked historic arenas, making it one of the world’s popular countries to visit.

Paris has the finest hotels and very nice restaurants to chose from but you might want to visit your local travel agent or even maybe even get on the internet to check out all the wonderful things you can see while you’re visiting Paris. The information you gather will help you to see why visiting Paris is for you.