Budget Hotel In Pattaya

Budget Hotels In Pattaya, Thailand

One of the most difficult thing for tourists, especially for the ones who loves travel overseas , is to fine the cheapest or budget hotel rates and to find reliable travel agent or accommodation booking website.

It may not be difficult for you if you want to go to some of major city in the world such as Paris or Milan etc. because you will find that there are plenty of websites that provides hotel booking service to these cities as well as useful information resources. But for just small city in certain country like Pattaya, it would be a bit more difficult.


Pattaya is the small city in eastern region of Thailand. It may not be as famous as major city like Bangkok or Chiang Mai or other provinces, but Pattaya gains its reputation among millions of foreign tourists who want to experience very beautiful beaches and endless night fife.

Even though there are many of hotel accommodation available in Pattaya, ranges from ordinary cheap guesthouse to vary expensive five stars hotel. But all of us still would love to find the best deal of hotel rates or at least be able to find budget hotels in order to save money.

For city like Pattaya, the average of hotel price for good accommodation is about 1,000-1,500 Baht (about $35 -$40). Within this price, you can get good level of accommodation which has full of facility in the room such air conditioner, fridge and sometimes this price includes daily breakfast. These facilities considered enough for daily requirement for budget hotel.

Unfortunately, many of major hotel booking website only provides reservation for big hotels. This is because as the business requirement that the website owners have to make profits from the reservations. Therefore, selling budget hotels or cheap hotels may not give them attractive revenue or it may not worth the cost of running the website.

rooftop-swimming-poolGenerally, these hotel booking website could get about 10% discount from the hotel rack rates in order to make profit. For example, if the hotel full rate is $100, the hotel will give retail price to the booking websites around $90 so the website can sell to user for about $95 which is $5 cheaper from the hotel full rates.

However, the number of discount does not have to be fixed as 10%. The amount of discount also depends on the negotiation between the hotel and the website owner, the more sale volume the website can make, the greater discount they will get.

According to this reason, the website owner may not interested in contacting budget hotels and include them into the reservation system because the website owner can not make significant profit from them. As a result, this is really difficult for travelers to find budget hotel reservation from the internet and they have to contact local travel agent instead, which offering higher price of hotel accommodation and they can earn quite large amount of money. Book the hotel according to your budget and try to get the best accommodation in Pattaya within your budget.