Cancun, Mexico

Traveling to Cancun Mexico

Traveling to Cancun, Mexico

Mexico is one of the countries that is slowly gaining popularity among tourists. There are many cities here that are getting into the ‘must visit’ list of places. One ideal vacation spot for all ages is ‘Cancun’. It is the perfect destination for those who have grand plans for spending time at the spas, lying down in the warm sun, shopping for souvenirs, chilling out or visiting an ecological park. Those who love to keep awake until late at night can enjoy the hottest nightlife here. The restaurants are known to serve delicious International and Mexican cuisines. Easy shopping, mesmerizing white sand beaches, water activities, combined with warm Yucatan and Mexican culture is sure to be inviting and compel you to prolong your stay here. ‘Chichen Itza’, ancient Mayan ruins is just two hours drive away making the region all the more interesting.

Water Sport Activities

Traveling to Cancun can be filled with fun for those who love water sport activities. Cancun is located close to the world’s second largest coral reef, thereby providing tourists with incredible scuba diving and snorkeling experiences and also to swim alongside the dolphins. Something that many people would love to do!

A Tourist Paradise

Undoubtedly, Cancun is considered to be among the most popular Riviera Maya tourist spots to visit. Over three million tourists visit this place every year. This amazing coastal city has plenty of beautiful beaches, luxurious hotels and incredible nightlife. It also provides the feel of modern comforts, combined with unspoiled paradise, thus making it a place that should be visited and experienced at least once in a lifetime. It also boasts having the most gorgeous, perfect, crystal clear, warm, turquoise warm water and powdery white sand beach.

The City

Just over thirty years old, the city is located outside of the hotel zone. You can easily get a bus or car that will quickly take you to the city for an affordable amount. It will be wise to stick to the popular ‘tourist places’ within the city to enjoy the visit and be safe.

Hotel Zone

The Hotel Zone of Cancun is located within a small silvery land that is shaped in the form of a boomerang and divided into two parts. Each part is connected by a small bridge to the mainland. The 14 mile narrow island section, named the Cancun Island, boasts of having beach front modern hotels that faces the Bay of Women (Bahia de Mujeres), to the front with the Caribbean and to the back with Bojorguez and green Nichupte lagoons.

Spring Break

It is also a favorite destination for the college crowd during spring break and also holds a large Spring Festival. This place is also considered to be the world’s largest spring break destination, attracting over 300,000 college students annually. Moreover, it is full of fun-filled activities for people of all ages. Planning the trip ahead can help ensure that you do not miss out on any of the exciting activities and places of interest that Cancun has to offer.

TravelingtoCancunTipsTraveling to Canun Tips

The best time to travel to Cancun is the end of November to the beginning of March. The cheapest time to visit is from May to November. One of the most important things to remember is that you must not drink the water. Some areas have held a reputation for being unsafe but as long as tourists stick to popular areas and are sensible, Cancun is perfectly safe. The beaches in Cancun are breathtaking but be aware of the strong undertow and rough surf of the Mexico waters. Beaches have a flag system to alert swimmers on water conditions, green meaning it is safe to swim, yellow meaning caution, red conveys dangerous conditions and black means you must refrain from swimming. Although US dollars are widely accepted, it is advised to stick to the local currency which is Pesos. If you plan to use credit cards, remember to alert your back before traveling to avoid your card being frozen. It’s always wise to carry cash in case anything happens to your card. When arriving at the airport, be aware of time-share sharks who lurk just inside the exits. They appear to be offering you maps of the area, so best to avoid eye contact and continue walking to the exit of the airport.